3 500 $ in prizes will be shared among the award-winning pieces

Measurements of the works


Two-dimensional works: 



Tridimensional works:

Who can participate?

The exhibition is open to professional artists (18 years or older) in the field of the visual arts and craft who create original unique works or limited number of prints. Photographs and computer generated images are not accepted.

Prizes and winners

The totality of the prizes awarded will reflect the diversity of the works exhibited. 

1. Registration on line – preselection

*mandatory for artists living outside of Canada
Registration period is now over.
Many thanks to the artists!
In order to avoid the cost of shipment by mail, the artists can send photographs of the works they wish to present along with the registration form for preselection.
The name of the picture file sent by email must include the family name of the artist. Example: familyname.jpg (max. 1 MG)
The file must be sent to the following address: info@artmini.com
Calendar | Registration on line and preselection 
May 3rd, 2019 Deadline for email
All works submitted will must be approved by the IAM jury 
May 17, 2019 Deadline for submitting the complete file and the original works that have been chosen during the preselection process. Postmark will serve as proof.
Included in the emailing: 
1. The registration form
2. The presentation file (resume and artistic approach)
3. The pictures of works

2. Registration by mail

Your registration does not guaranty your participation in the Internationale d’art miniature exhibition. All works will be submitted to the approval of the IAM jury.
Calendar | Shipment by mail
May 17, 2017 Deadline for submitting the complete file and the original works that have been chosen during the preselection process. Postmark will serve as proof.
June 16, 2019 Private/press viewing and the announcement of the winners and the prizes.
September 1st, 2019 End of the exhibition.
September 3rd to October 4, 2019 Return shipment of the unsold works as well as payment for those sold.
Included in the shipment:
1. The registration form
2. The presentation file (resume and artistic approach)
3. A preaddressed label for the return of the works
4. The works
5. The consignation form
6. The registration fee (if applicable) 
Presentation of the works
Each works must:
• be signed by the artist;
• have an arrow, on the back or underneath the piece defining the orientation of the work;
• indicate the selling price in Canadian dollars;
• include the fixtures, the frame, the base or stand and be ready to be hung, installed and exhibited.
Registration and information
• Fill out the registration form and include a presentation dossier (4 pages max) containing a resume, an artist statement, a list of important exhibitions and a few photo of recent work;
• Registration fees: nonrefundable 45.00$ CAD (by check, VISA or MasterCard) for a maximum of two (2) pieces;
• Registration is free for artists living outside Canada. However, they must assume eventual custom duties and packaging of submitted works (preselection is mandatory).
Selection of works

• Preselection is possible by mail. See calendar and document on line, registration form;
• The works exhibited will be selected by a jury of renowned personality in the field of arts and craft.
The jury will also determine the winners and the corresponding prizes.

Commission on sales
All the works presented during the IAM will be offered for sale. The price of each work will be determined by the artist.
IAM will deduct a 30% commission on the sale.
Copy rights
They are non-exclusive and non-transferable. The artist will authorize the reproduction of the works for promotional purposes exclusively in time and in space.
Place of exhibition
Works selected to be part of the context will be exhibited at the Centre d'exposition Louise-Carrier, 33, rue Wolfe, Lévis, QC.
IAM will assume the cost of insurance during the period of exhibition. The insurance will cover damages by fire, theft or break that occur during the time of the exhibition for an amount not exceeding the price of sale.
IAM will not be responsible for damages or lost during transit by mail.
Return of the works
Works unsold will be returned by mail no later than 30 days after the end of the exhibition and will use the same packaging used by the artists for the initial shipment. It is therefore the responsibility of the artists to make sure that the packing of the works be suitable in order to insure their protection.